C# [OPEN SOURCE] Web BOT Auto Web Login project

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISCLAIMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is to be used as a personal pentest tool or for use as developer to test their own software against this sort of abuse.

The site used is only for demonstration purposes and no real threat was Carried out.

Do not use this program for malicious intent as you will go to jail very quickly and most likely fines etc…

Remember be smart about what you do in Life.

A simple open source C# project created in visual studio.

A suggested project by user ENAM Mexico in the comments so i said i would give it a go since a found a bit of free time.

Open source so people can collaborate and make it better or continue
to create their own version and share ,always share.

Project can be downloaded at my Github repo

Download a free password list at skull security
Link for rockyou.txt

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