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some questions from website:
How do you measure the charge of an electron?
What is the charge and mass of an electron?
What is the value of electric charge?
What is meant by charge of an electron?
What are the disadvantages of using renewable energy sources?
What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources?
What is renewable energy with example?
What are the different sources of renewable energy?
What is the difference between x86 and ARM?
What is AVR architecture?
Is CISC faster than RISC?
What is the modified Harvard architecture?
What are RISC and CISC processors?
What is meant by Harvard architecture?
What are the main features of von Neumann architecture?
What are the components of the von Neumann architecture of a computer?
What is the difference between Harvard and Von Neumann architecture?
How does the von Neumann architecture work?
What is a parabolic signal?
What is the difference between type and order of a system?
What is an AWS step function?
What is an impulse signal?
What is the Heaviside function?
What is the unit impulse function?
What is the unit sample?
What is step response of a system?
What is Laplace transform of unit step function?
What is unit ramp signal?
What is a step signal?
What is unit step sequence?
What is the definition of digital signal?
What is the DSP controller?
What is the lattice tower?
What is a monopole tower?
What is transposition of towers?
Why transposition of conductors is necessary?
Why bundled conductors are used in transmission line?
What do you mean by composite conductors?
Why do we use bundled conductors?
Can you convert single phase to 3 phase?
What are the advantages of three phase over single phase?
Is single phase cheaper than three phase?
What is difference between single phase and 3 phase?
What is the difference between single phase and two phase?
What is the function of diode in relay?
What is freewheeling diode and what is its purpose?
If resistance is 8 Ohm and current is 16 ampere then what will be the voltage and power?
why can electrostatics be a problem ?
how can electrostatics be dangerous?
what are electrostatics definition?
how are electrostatics used in photocopiers?
what are electrostatics used for ?
how are electrostatics involved in photocopying?
what are the materials of semiconductor
Compare EPROM, EEPROM and Flash EPROM.
Write short note on Thevenin theorem.
write short note on IEEE.
explain the working of single phase induction motor.
write short notes on Low-pass filter.
write short notes on Linear motor.
write short notes on Heat sink .
What is difference between RAM and FIFO?
Which is the reason to electrical shock voltage/current?
Write a short notes about how to transformer transfer 11kv from primary side to 440 v?
explain TCPAR & voltage regulator
write short notes on Unijunction transistor.
What is 4 quadrant operation of DC Motor
why ujt acts as a relaxation oscillator
write short notes on diode bridge.
write short notes on choke.
write short notes on integrated circuit packages.
write short notes on Rent’s rule.
What is Steiner tree and spanning tree?
How can we minimize glitches in a logic network ?
What are glitches in logic networks?
What is fanout in VLSI ?
What are the various sources of delay in combinational network?
What are the different techniques of crosstalk minimization?
electric pressure is also called as?
What are all types of earthing methods?
what is mean by percentage impedance?
how can we measure earth resistance?
what is earth resistance?
name the electronic tools
write short notes on static complementary Gate.
what is design for yield ?
what are soft errors?
what is time dependent dielectric breakdown?
what is punch through current in MOSFET?
what is hot carrier injection in solid state devices?
explain subthreshold current in VLSI.
What is plate capacitance?
what is fringe capacitance?
which are the various CMOS layout design and analysis tools?
Define current
what are the steps of fabrication of transistor?
differentiate between line Regulation and load regulation.
write short notes on CMOS.
what is doping?
list the product names which have Integrated circuit.